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Gold and Soil


Gold and Soil is duality – the coexistence of nature and civilization, the friction of experimentation and pop and the merging of organics and mechanics.

A natural pairing from the beginning, the work of Ana and Ryan (whom are both currently PHD candidates in Psychology and Neuroscience, respectively) has produced nothing but stellar results in the form of collaborations - the debut self-titled Asura record and Ana’s breakout debut album, ‘Basic Climb’ (both 2010, Non Projects). Ryan’s production of African influenced percussion and modern synthesizer and textural workings twist, turn and meld with Ana’s unique and sumptuous vocals with a logic all it’s own. Carrying the listener with each track from start to finish is a testament to York’s skills as an experienced jazz bassist and improvising cellist who has most recently, and notably, lent his bowing skills to the also idiosyncratic vocals of Zola Jesus (‘Conatus,’ Sacred Bones, 2011). Gold and Soil’s backbone is production from a musician who understands the very nature of how improvisation and composition combine to create wholes bigger than the sums of their parts.