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Basic Climb Re-Imagined
  1. Tracklist

  2. Basic Climb (Ana Caravelle Cover)
  3. Anti-Anxiety Pill (a.d.l.r.'s Pills for Ana)
  4. Anti-Anxiety Pill (yuk. Rendition)
  5. Basic Climb (Dibiase's Tapedeck Dirt Mix)
  6. Blackberries (Julia Holter Remix)
  7. Where Have You Been? (TAKE Remix)
  8. Black Canyon (Dntel Mix)
  9. Shapeshifting (dakim regular shape mix)
  10. Where Have You Been? (Anenon Drone Mix)
  11. Black Canyon (Shigeto's As I Inhale Mix)
  12. Blackberries (Asura Remix)





While a remix album isn’t exactly a new idea, we at Non Projects feel that not many records lend themselves to open interpretation as beautifully and as naturally as Ana Caravelle’s Basic Climb.

With no intention of a follow-up remix record at the onset of recording, the idea sprouted with a request from the well-revered Dak to rework a track of Ana’s that he had heard on the Non Projects website. We were all so into this that soon word spread and the idea of remixing Ana’s lush vocals and harp playing blossomed into friends and producers getting in touch with label owner Brian Simon about getting their own hands on the impeccable stems that made up Ana’s debut.

What we have now are two separate worlds - one inhabited solely by Ana’s luxuriant voice and opulent instrumental arrangements and one inhabited by both her and the friends and fellow musicians whom she has shared with in the past years, each lending their own unique aesthetical take on undeniable beauty. Listening to Basic Climb Re-Imagined from front to back gives us 11 unique views of talents both studied and anew. The journeyed and Eastern tinged portrayal of “Blackberries” by Julia Holter (now a part of Nite Jewel’s live show) takes us on a journey up and down both the bustling and deserted roads of India with Ana as our vocal guide while the orchestral re-arrangements of Dak’s take on “Shapeshifting” leave us in cinematic awe as our ears witness his most open and wide-screened piece yet. Elsewhere a.d.l.r. opens up a rift in time with a parallel dimension of delay-filled harps and vocals, Dntel ushers us through an effortlessly relaxed after hours pop trip with his “Black Canyon” mix, Take drops Ana into the middle of a 60’s soul jam and Anenon guides us into a drum and drone meditation zone, while every other interpretation is a standout in their own rights.

Highlighting the collaborative work of one of LA’s finest pairs, Basic Climb Re-Imagined is book-ended with a synth / vocal cover of “Basic Climb” by Ana and Asura’s hauntingly glorious reworking of “Blackberries,” providing a glimpse into the new directions of their constantly shifting visions and proving to us that the work is never really done.


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