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Christmas Lights Through a Rain-Streaked Migraine
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Stepping out from behind the veil of his critically-acclaimed Afterhours project, Non Projects is proud to present ’Christmas Lights Through a Rain-Streaked Migraine,’ the first release by Nick Malkin under his own name. Many already in the know have felt Nick’s personal sonic touch with his production for LA Vampires as well as through his work as a member in an early incarnation of Sun Araw.

The music on ‘Christmas Lights…’ finds Malkin furthering his Afterhours style trip-hop induced abstractions into less rigid and deeper emotional zones. Pushing contrast with both abandonment and restraint, Nick weaves in minimalist-minded drum breaks, distortion laced melodics and swirls of rich harmonies between samples, guitar and piano. At times aided by the longing sound of collaborator Brian Allen Simon’s tenor saxophone, ’Christmas Lights…’ is a rich and densely laced EP that rewards repeat listening, revealing new angles and layers with each play.

Tenor Saxophone by Brian Allen Simon
Mastering by Yosi Horikawa
Cover Painting by Nate Wolf
Los Angeles, Winter 2014