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Augmented Returns - 1

Augmented Returns is a column about art and music objects that we continue to return to, seeking to learn more from with each recurring visit. The first edition is by Brian Allen Simon.

Supersilent’s ‘7’ was a game changer for me, in every sense of the term. It was around 2006 or 2007 when my obsession with the Norwegian label Rune Grammofon label was peaking and ‘7’ was at the forefront of this fixation. The free improvised music that Supersilent were hitting on at this point is still, to me, the apex of what free jazz and electronic music colliding in a head-on collision could sound like. Moments of utter chaos combined with portions of ensemble produced spare beauty. ‘7’ was a complete revelation to me at the time. Kim Hiorth√ły’s beautiful minimal sleeve design (which is consistent throughout the entire Supersilent catalog) only seals the deal by giving absolutely zero details away of what this could possibly sound and look (‘7’ is a live video of of a 2004 concert in its entirety) like.

I return less and less frequently to this album but it remains a special item in my possession. Emotions and memories are experienced by simply picking the case up. It assures me the beautiful possibilities of improvisation in modern times and instills in me that the unknown is the only thing left to pursue.

The signature on my copy is from Jarle Vespestad, drummer at the time who was since left the band. He signed it at a Tord Gustavsen Trio concert at the now defunct Jazz Bakery in Culver City, California.