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Nick Malkin in Conversation with Brian Allen Simon

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Nick Malkin has quietly, but firmly been putting down his sonic stamp throughout the city of Los Angeles since the week he arrived here from New Jersey some six and a half years ago. From multiple solo projects to work behind the scenes with LA Vampires and Sun Araw to being one of the first DJ’s involved with Chinatown based experimental radio station KCHUNG, Nick has been a busy guy with a truly personal sonic touch. His sense of aural aesthetics always feels intimate, yet universal. We met a few years ago over a mutual understanding of the intricacies of DJ Shadow and I’m elated to be able to release Christmas Lights Through a Rain-Streaked Migraine, the first record under his own name. Wanting to get some unedited words from Nick, we each had a glass of white wine and sat down on a bench in the courtyard of his girlfriend’s East Hollywood apartment building and riffed while tenants came in and out giving us weird looks. - Brian

Brian Allen Simon One of the things on my mind recently, with the influx of people moving here and with the music scene in a constant fluctuation, is what does it mean to make music in Los Angeles right now? Does it mean anything to you? Is it part of your identity or is it just a geographical location that you happen to live in?

Nick Malkin It’s hard for me to ascribe a certain sound to LA music now. When I first moved here, at least from my perspective, geographically, living in Echo Park and going to the Echo Curio and kind of being stuck in that neighborhood, Not Not Fun was the dominant musical force in the city. To me, then, LA music was very much rooted in that particular sound - lo-fi, droney, pseudo-psychedelic music.

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Non Projects is a Los Angeles based record label that deals in a variety of modern music at the un-categorizable intersection of electronic, free jazz, ambient and folk.

Inspired by all contemporary mediums as well as a strong connection to the visual arts, Non Projects releases find their way onto a variety of formats including Vinyl, Digital, Cassette and Print.

An active member in the creative community of Los Angeles and abroad, Non Projects is a close affiliate of Dublab and has presented live performance in conjunction with LACMA and the Goethe-Institut. Our artists have performed at a wide range of internationally recognized festivals including Sónar Barcelona, Decibel, CTM and RBMA.

We firmly believe that both live and recorded works present different pieces of the whole artistic puzzle and strive to push the highest quality of life affirming work in both respective worlds.

Since 2010.